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Kelly Laird Smith Realtor in Rossmoor, Los Alamitos & Leisure World Seal Beach California

Kelly Sells Leisure World Seal Beach

Why did I incorporate the Leisure World, Seal Beach into our business plan?


I have had several people ask me why I have added Leisure World, Seal Beach to our marketing & sales. So I thought I would share my response with everyone. The answer is simple. I love my clients young & old & I noticed how happy it makes the entire family when their loved ones are close by. Especially their elder parents. Then I noticed how many of my clients elder parents were struggling to keep up the big “family” house from 1959 & I realized that I had vast knowledge regarding a certain solution.

We are incredibly blessed to live within 1 mile of an amazing community called Leisure World. And yes, even I grew up calling it “Seizure World” I think at one point we have all made that Freudian slip! My grandparents moved into Leisure World in 1989 & I was fortunate enough to spend lots of weekends & summers there while my mom, Pattie Merino Laird, was off hosting open houses. I got to know Leisure World from the inside & grew to love it! The vast amenities, activities (members only can use the facilities) were awesome & as a kid I loved the library!

So sharing my knowledge of Leisure World with my passion, my clients, presented itself as a natural fit for me. I can help my clients keep their elders safe & close. I can educate my clients on a wonderful option & assist the entire family. Young & old.

I have been fortunate to grow up in the same community & in the real estate industry. Thus I watched my mom sell houses to awesome families. Then when the kids grew up & wanted to buy a house I got to sell their kids homes! Now, I can not only help the younger generation find their first home, but we can help moms & dads move up & grandma’s & grandpa’s move down. It is a wonderful cycle & I am thrilled to be sharing my knowledge.

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. God put me at the age of 10, in Leisure World so I could learn about it, love it & share it with everyone. How cool is that?!

So, that is my extremely long winded answer that I am proud to share. My team & I still sell Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Lakewood, Cypress & many other surrounding communities. We love selling real estate & we LOVE our clients even more!



Call us when you and your family have a real estate need. We would be happy to assist your family in a transaction.


Pattie, Kelly, Wink & Assoc.

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