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The number of people who prefer to work from home continues to increase. Statistics show that the number of Americans who do at least some of their work. Work from home has increased up to 35 percent in the past decade.  With 68 percent expecting to work remotely in the future. This can be attributed to the comfort and efficiency experienced from such an arrangement. However, a home office is prone to become too casual or being too comfortable, which can hinder productivity. A well-organized and clutter-free home space, on the other hand, can boost your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. The tips below can help you to build a perfect working space in your home. Tips for Designing a Great Home Office.


Natural lighting is preferable in most cases, making a working area near a window ideal. In many instances, daylight hours are limited, so consider investing in a task light. Should it be impossible to set up a work space near a window?  There are light sources available that replicate natural light. When arranging lighting; remember that placing an overhead light directly above a computer screen or setting the screen opposite to a light source increases the glare and should be avoided. The office space should have ample lighting.  While taking care to include the ability for the worker to control the light’s intensity.

Equipment and Ergonomics

When picking out your office equipment, it is imperative that you focus on its function. For instance; you could choose a working table with nothing more than a lap drawer for supplies. That is if you do not need more storage; or you might opt for a larger desk complete with drawers and space for storing files. It is recommended that you choose an office chair that supports the lower back. Also one that keeps your elbows and knees at a 90-degree angle. Screens should be at eye level and arm’s length. There are plenty of desk organizers. Ones on which unattended tasks can be stored to prevent disorganized piles which impede a person’s productivity.

You should choose office equipment that does not compromise on your overall safety and health. Serious long-term health problems can be avoided if you make your office space and equipment as ergonomic as possible. Keeping in mind; that you will be spending a lot of your time working.  Personalize your office space to what you would prefer and make it as friendly to your body as possible.

Minimize Distractions

Whether you’re trying; to study for the MCAT, taking an online course, or just working from home, privacy cannot be overemphasized. It’s crucial that you are able retreat to a private area, preferably with a door, to minimize distractions and interruptions. Though headphones can be a temporary solution, continual use of headphones tends to have diminishing returns as time goes on. You can also achieve a sense of privacy by the erecting divider walls. To further cut down on distractions, consider installing low-noise fans and air filters, which are less noisy than most.

The Layout

One thing people often overlook is equipment cables. Consider talking to your office designer about integrating a way to hide cables. They are an eyesore but also increase the likelihood of accidents. Adequate electrical outlets should also be included and the equipment layout left open for any alterations in the future. Ease of access to anything you will need as you work is essential. Should you be space-challenged, you could invest in all-in-one equipment to provide required functionality while occupying less space.

If you’re running a business from home; or using your home office for school and studying; make sure you make the space large enough to accommodate meetings with at least one other person.

When designing a home work space; remember to work within your budget and purchase equipment that perfectly suits the size of your work space. Design the office area to reflect; your style, taste, and interest as these will influence your mental well-being and create the right working environment. Keep in mind that you need to be disciplined if you are working from home.  It is easy to be distracted in such an environment.

Tips for Designing a Great Home Office