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Tips and Tricks To Take Your Home From Drab to Fab!

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Take your house from drab to fab!

These tips and tricks actually do wonders for a house! They are super easy fixes that will make it go from drab to fab! Even better, they work great with rental homes too! 

First Tip:
Upgrade your rental kitchen’s non-existent backsplash with moisture- and steam-resistant removable wallpaper that you can simply peel off when you’re about to move out.

It’s completely self-adhesive, so you don’t have to mess with glues when you put it up. You do have to have a smooth surface painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish for it to work, though. You can also use it on furniture like bookshelves and drawers, or even stair risers!

Check it out on Amazon. Look up “Removable wallpaper”

We use Removable wallpaper at listings for staging too! It is super versatile!

Second Tip:
Free up garage floor space with some ceiling-mount shelves — they’re perfect for seasonal storage because everything will still be relatively easy to access, but you won’t have to look at it all every time you go to start your car. 

At Laird Real Estate & Associates we highly recommend these to our clients all the time! They are great space savers! 

Fleximon shelves

Amazon is a great place to order these. So is Lowe’s and Home Depot! For these exact Fleximon shelves see the link here


Third Tip:
Block a utility box, trash cans, or anything else you want to make disappear but still need to access regularly with a simple bamboo screen.
And you guessed it…also available on Amazon! Buy this exact screen here

At Laird Real Estate & Associates we have used Bamboo screens for upgrading ugly old fencing that needed to go from drab to fab! It is great for pool equipment areas too! 




Stay tuned for more “Drab to Fab Tips and Tricks” by Laird Real Estate & Associates 


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