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Jasmine A. Avatar

5 star rating Kelly Laird Smith is AMAZING at what she does.  She has helped us with two house purchases and both times I felt that she sincerely cared about us and our best interest.  She even saved our dog when our dog got out of the house when we were not home. Kelly also has so many helpful connections that whatever you need: cleaning service, landscaper, loan agent connections, handy-man, etc. she has the hook-up.  I can not say enough to express how awesome of a realtor she is.  But most of all she is just a genuinely nice all around person.  Thank you Kelly!!!

Jasmine A. 10/17/2019
Jay S. Avatar

We get fliers almost every day on our porch, but we have never, nor have we ever known anyone to react or publish in such a demeaning nasty way. You are wrong on so many levels. Other real estate agents, as in any private business, can be rated as being not any more valuable than a "dime a dozen". However, Kelly Laird is not just a successful agent but is a valued active advocate for our community.
To be specific, Kelly and the Laird family have organized symposiums with specialists in many fields that have provided valuable resources over the years. Resources such as establishing family trusts, long term health care, assisted living, elder care, legal aspects of home ownership including understanding the maze of California home ownership propositions, and many more. Ms. Laird has the integrity of an individual as well as a business owner that sets her far above your designation as being "a dime a dozen". Ms. Laird deserves our gratitude and our respect. Our community deserves kinder and more respectful neighbors who edifies our community...not someone who spoils to deliberately
demean the rest of us who make our community a great place to live.

Jay S. 9/20/2019

Highly likely to recommend Pattie, Kelly and Wink were excellent! I had a particularly difficult sale of my father's condo after he passed away. They helped me understand the market, directed me to a fair asking price and advertised intelligently. We got multiple offers in a range higher than I expected! In escrow, we had a water leak which got repairs and legal issues which extended the time frame of closing for months. However, they expertly communicated with our buyer to keep them at the table and engaged. A number of things could have gone wrong, but their team showed their experience in seeing everything across the finish line with warmth and understanding.

I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to buy or sell in Seal Beach and surrounding areas.

boiredavid 8/23/2018
Charlene Hatakeyama Avatar

Kelly will leave no stone unturned in finding you exactly what your family wants.

Charlene Hatakeyama 3/09/2018
Kristi Buscemi Avatar

Kristi Buscemi 3/06/2018
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