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  • Ballinteer GROUP Avatar
    Ballinteer GROUP

    Kelly was our realtor in selling a home in North Park during Covid-19. She was instrumental in selling the home quickly, negotiating a higher price, keeping repairs to a minimum and taking care of all the paperwork. Another job well… read more – 6/14/2020

    Mike & Sue Avatar
    Mike & Sue

    Thank You So Much for everything you did for Mike and Me. Your patience, professionalism and positive spirit made a word of difference to us.
    Hope you enjoy this token of our appreciation
    – 2/11/2020

    Susan & Andy Avatar
    Susan & Andy

    I often think back on the purchase of our beautiful home and I am reminded of what an outstanding job you did for us. Andy and I so enjoyed working with you and really grew fond of you as a… read more – 2/11/2020

  • J.B. Avatar

    Realtor Kelly Kelson was instrumental in marketing and selling this home really quickly. She handled all the details professionally and resolved obstacles that arose during the transaction. We could not ask for a more capable realtor and will be sure… read more – 11/28/2019

    Management at Ballinteer Group LLC Avatar
    Management at Ballinteer Group LLC

    Kelly worked very hard to market and sell this property in El Cajon. She provided an Open House every weekend including some week days. In addition, she handled all the paperwork with ease and made the whole transaction easy for… read more – 11/28/2019

    Jasmine A. Avatar
    Jasmine A.

    5 star rating Kelly Laird Smith is AMAZING at what she does. She has helped us with two house purchases and both times I felt that she sincerely cared about us and our best interest. She even saved our dog when… read more – 10/17/2019

  • Jay Avatar

    Kelly dealt with a really difficult escrow in regards to this home but navigated her way through it with professionalism and ease despite the other side’s realtor displaying the opposite. This made life much easier for us and is greatly appreciated. – 10/12/2019

    Jay S. Avatar
    Jay S.

    We get fliers almost every day on our porch, but we have never, nor have we ever known anyone to react or publish in such a demeaning nasty way. You are wrong on so many levels. Other real estate agents,… read more – 9/20/2019

    Bob A. Avatar
    Bob A.

    1 star rating I looked out my window yesterday, and saw a boy putting a piece of paper onto my gate. I opened the window, and told him to remove it, but he left it anyway. A little while later, it fell off,… read more – 9/18/2019

  • Ardglass Inv. Avatar
    Ardglass Inv.

    Kelly followed this property for a while, and after it fell out of escrow with another buyer, she was instrumental in negotiating a very good deal for Ardglass Investments. Furthermore she handled much of the paperwork during escrow and made… read more – 8/08/2019

    Ballinteer Group Avatar
    Ballinteer Group

    The nice aspect of working with Kelly, is that she has the experience and knowledge to handle the entire transaction without the need for any management or direction from us. This makes working with Kelly a painless and easy experience. – 7/19/2019

    Ballinteer Group LLC Avatar
    Ballinteer Group LLC

    This transaction was more complicated than most due to the fact it is a townhome with a HOA and in dealing with first time buyers, it fell out of escrow before being sold to the final buyer. Even though there… read more – 7/19/2019

  • boiredavid

    Pattie, Kelly and Wink were excellent! I had a particularly difficult sale of my father’s condo after he passed away. They helped me understand the market, directed me to a fair asking price and advertised intelligently. We… read more – 8/23/2018

    Charlene Hatakeyama Avatar
    Charlene Hatakeyama

    Kelly will leave no stone unturned in finding you exactly what your family wants. – 3/09/2018

    Susan S. Avatar
    Susan S.

    5 star rating My husband and I worked with Kelly Laird Smith to purchase our new home in March of this year. We could not believe how thorough and helpful she was and still is for us! Even after the sale… read more – 6/14/2017

  • Josef N. Avatar
    Josef N.

    5 star rating We worked with Kelly purchasing our home, and after moving out of state had some real estate events come up which she was phenomenal with assisting. At that time, we were not selling, but she was more than willing… read more – 8/12/2016

    Hwgirl M. Avatar
    Hwgirl M.

    5 star rating I worked with Lauren from Pattie, Kelly, Wink & Associates as our buying agent. She was very professional, detailed-oriented, organized, and patient. We were first time home buyers so there were a lot of things we didn’t understand. She went… read more – 8/08/2016

    Jay @ Coltov LLC Avatar
    Jay @ Coltov LLC

    Kelly was instrumental in finding Coltov LLC this distressed property in Santee. She handled the transaction professionally with the owner of the property and took care of all the usual problems that arose. We are very pleased with her and… read more – 8/02/2016

  • Jay Avatar

    Kelly displayed professionalism and zeal at all times when working with us and the clients. We will be happy to use her services again. – 7/20/2016

    Jay Avatar

    Kelly displayed professionalism and zeal at all times when working with us and the clients. We will be happy to use her services again. – 7/20/2016

    Coltov LLC Avatar
    Coltov LLC

    Kelly was a great help in getting the property ready for sale. She was quick to arrange staging and professional photos. She performed an open house the first weekend and got the place into escrow within days. This realtor is… read more – 6/16/2016

  • Jay of Delta Realty LLC Avatar
    Jay of Delta Realty LLC

    Kelly was very attentive to our needs as the seller and held Open House often and even got us a buyer through the Open Home process. She took care of all the negotiations and we always felt she had our… read more – 6/01/2016

    Ardglass Investments LLC Avatar
    Ardglass Investments LLC

    Kelly was instrumental in the buying and selling of this town-home. She stayed with the deal, negotiating with our best interests in mind. She worked hard to get all the paperwork right and make sure we would get proper title…. read more – 6/01/2016

    S K. Avatar
    S K.

    5 star rating Thank you AGAIN for all of the help. A first GREAT house! A referral on a refi years later, and now (more than 12 years after the first sale) you found us THE HOUSE OF OUR DREAMS! Only this team… read more – 8/14/2015

  • Amanda Walker Avatar
    Amanda Walker

    Fantastic service! Cannot say enough good things! They go above and beyond, and are honest and dependable. We have relied so much on their expertise, and we have found ourselves in very good hands! Highly recommend! – 6/03/2015

    Geoff T. Avatar
    Geoff T.

    5 star rating Can’t say enough good things about Pattie and Wink! (Haven’t met Kelly, but I’m sure she’s great too.) We bought our first home, and we met Pattie and Wink because they represented the seller. Our agent enjoyed working with them,… read more – 6/02/2015

    amy garrett8

    When I was looking to buy my first house I didn’t know what to look for what to ask or any of the little or big things when it came to purchasing a house. Kelly took me by the hand… read more – 4/14/2014

  • Tempe C. Avatar
    Tempe C.

    5 star rating We initially worked with a different realtor who was less knowledgeable about our area of interest and who was “pushy” about getting us to make an offer. We decided to contact Kelly based on a friend’s recommendation and we are… read more – 4/04/2014

    Chen Tempe

    We initially worked with a different realtor who was less knowledgeable about our area of interest and who was “pushy” about getting us to make an offer. We decided to contact Kelly based on a friend’s recommendation and we are… read more – 4/01/2014


    We first met Patti when our 88 year old mother’s friend sold her home and relocated up North. Our mother had just passed away and we were getting ready to put her house on the market. My sister, brother and… read more – 3/31/2014

  • cornshoes

    I’ve relied on Pattie, kelly and Wink for all my real estate negotiations, questions and purchases. I’ve worked with Patti for over 20 years. She has always been quick to respons and answered all my inquiries to my satisfaction. – 3/31/2014


    Pattie, Kelly, and Wink were GREAT in every way!! They were so helpful and quick to respond to text, calls, and emails. Very professional and knowledgeable, and they made me feel at ease with the entire overwhelming prospect of buying… read more – 3/30/2014


    Pattie, Kelly and Wink are an amazing real estate team. They are knowledgeable,
    well prepared, dedicated professionals. They walked us through the listing and selling process of my father’s home and made our entire sales experience smooth, easy and…
    read more
    – 3/29/2014

  • slwood5305

    We had a great experience with Patty and Kelly. They were very knowledgeable and made the whole process smooth and easy. Our house sold during the first weekend of our open house. We highly… read more – 3/28/2014


    Kelly is amazing! We just purchased our first house with the help of Kelly. She was fully committed to making sure we purchased the best house for our price range. She pointed out many potential problems with… read more – 3/28/2014


    Pattie represented both myself and the seller on my first purchase. I was an inexperienced first time buyer and she expertly guided me into the perfect neighborhood and the right home to meet our family needs. She made extra effort… read more – 3/28/2014

  • tim5097

    I am a local insurance agent that works in the same community that Pattie, Kelly and Wink do business in. I have several mutual clients that have also worked with Pattie, Kelly and Wink. I have heard wonderful… read more – 3/28/2014


    They worked as a team to sell our Los Alamitos home quickly. Always professional and friendly. Helped us set a reasonable price and it sold quickly Open houses handled well and around our schedule. Highly recommended. – 3/28/2014


    This is our 2nd time using Kelly and Team. They helped us sell our condo and purchase our Home! Kelly helped us get through a challenging Escrow with professionalism and responsiveness! We couldn’t have gotten through it without her, and… read more – 3/28/2014

  • swoodyard

    Patti, Kelly, and Wink helped us buy and sell a home. We couldn’t have been happier with them, and the people they work with. They were patient, friendly, and informative. They really listened to us and helped… read more – 3/28/2014

    robyn ameswoodyard

    Patti, Kelly, and Wink are wonderful. We liked the experience so much the first time that they have become the “official” realators for our extended family. We have used them to buy and sell several homes and rental… read more – 3/28/2014


    We were referred to Kelli and Pattie by our cousins who also purchased their home with help from these wonderful ladies. When we first met, my wife and I had no idea what we were doing. We just had an… read more – 3/28/2014

  • jennifer ames22

    Pattie, Kelly, and Wink helped us find our home. They went over an above the call of duty to help us find the right home within our budget. They ere patient with us at every turn. Since then, they have… read more – 3/28/2014


    Pattie, kelly, and Winslow are awesome to work with. Very efficient and helpful! Would definitely use them again. They listen to your needs and accommodate your schedule when looking for property to buy. – 3/28/2014


    Working with Pattie, Kelly & Wink is an absolute pleasure. They are professional, knowledgeable, and truly work for the best interest of their clients. I highly recommend working with them and trusting them with your real estate transaction – you… read more – 3/28/2014

  • lionelguy

    Pattie has been very, very good to me. She has accommodated me not only on the property I purchased, but answering and researching my questions as well. She & Wink always are friendly and upbeat when visiting them at their… read more – 3/28/2014

    Karen Jensen

    Pattie, Kelly and Wink were highly professional and positive throughout our home buying process. They were very good at trying to match our needs in a home, offering us a lot of good ideas along the way! It was… read more – 3/28/2014


    Kelly helped us purchase our first condo in Fountain Valley a few years ago as well as sell it when we ultimately moved to Long Beach. In both transactions, she talked us through the process and all the paperwork… read more – 3/28/2014

  • Jasonwayne42

    Pattie, Kelly and Wink have been so helpful to me as I prepare to purchase my first home. It is such an overwhelming experience and they have been there to answer my questions and calm my anxiety. They put me… read more – 3/28/2014


    Pattie, Kelly or Wink are professional and helpful in every way. They take their business very seriously, which is clearly evident when you work with any of them. We recently worked with Kelly to purchase a home. She not only… read more – 3/21/2014


    Pattie, Kelly and Wink are a team that truly provides a boutique real estate experience. From the minute we listed our home for sale they were in constant communication with us regarding marketing, appointments, open houses, and offers. It was… read more – 3/21/2014

  • Jorge Washington Avatar
    Jorge Washington


    C W. Avatar
    C W.

    5 star rating We met Kelly at just the right time. They were able to offer us the perfect “tare down” we were looking for before it hit the market. We built a large spec home and about 3 weeks after we listed… read more – 3/27/2013

    Shana S. Avatar
    Shana S.

    5 star rating As I went to write my review I was surprised to read the negative review already posted. I can’t imagine Pattie, Kelly or Wink being anything short of professional and helpful in every way. They take their business… read more – 3/26/2013

  • Pete W. Avatar
    Pete W.

    1 star rating Pattie and Kelly were terrible and lack professional integrity. They were the seller’s agents for a home we purchased a few years ago. When we took over the house, we opened the garage door only to discover that… read more – 3/23/2013