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Rossmoor – Stuck Between a Seal and an Orange Place

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What exactly is “Rossmoor”? Is it a city? No. Is it a county? No. Is it a school district? No. Is it a neighborhood? Yes and kinda more…
Rossmoor is the last unincorporated area in all of Orange County, California. It is an area of land along Orange County, California’s most northern border with Los Angeles County. The area code is 562 and like most of Long Beach in Los Angeles County.  It is bordered by the 605 freeway to the North, the 405 freeway to the South, the City of Los Alamitos to the East, and the city of Los Alamitos to the North. It is not a part of the City of Los Alamitos; something that is very important to know, socially or if you want to seek permits!
Rossmoor is not a part of the City of Seal Beach, despite having “The Shops at Rossmoor” in their backyard, which do belong to the City of Seal Beach. There are condos along Montecito Road that belong to the City of Seal Beach as well, but they are not Rossmoor and Rossmoor is not Seal Beach. You may be scratching your head by now saying…huh?! Who cares and why is this place so cockamamy?!
Rossmoor is more than just land – it is land that was developed by the forward-thinker, Ross Cortese back in the late 1950’s. He took this land and developed it into one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in all of North Orange County …but at the time Orange County was still, well…orange groves. So, he advertised this neighborhood as the newest suburb of Long Beach…which well…yes, Long Beach is in Los Angeles County and this place was/is in Orange County… I know…still massively confusing! However, what Mr. Cortese did was create a huge neighborhood complete with parks, a shopping center (just one on the Northeast corner), schools, homes for the modern family with 3+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms. He positioned it near the newly constructed freeways that would connect Orange County and Los Angeles County. For his time, he was a very progressive thinker as he placed his beloved “Rossmoor” in an impeccably central location for the 21st century. He may or may not have intended for this to happen, but it is amazing when you think about where this neighborhood is located! A family can easily commute to Downtown Los Angeles or Irvine within 30 minutes, disregarding traffic. Nowadays, we usually have one spouse who works in Irvine and one who works near Downtown Los Angeles … where can they live that is right in the middle of those two commutes? Rossmoor!
Now, add the schools and the surrounding cities: Rossmoor is too small to be its own city and run its own school district. Not to mention, it was brand new when it was built and thus there were no kids, families, teachers, etc. in the area just yet. Los Alamitos, the neighboring city, had its own school district and shared with the City of Seal Beach just to the South. With Rossmoor being smack in the middle of the two cities, the best bet was to join the Los Alamitos Unified School District, so they did. We now have elementary schools in Rossmoor, Seal Beach and Los Alamitos as part of the district. The children all attend one of two middle schools, both located in Los Alamitos and one High School located in Los Alamitos. Rossmoor – Stuck Between a Seal and an Orange Place
Now the schools are co-mingled with the two cities of Seal Beach and Los Alamitos, as is the general area. So, let’s make it a little more confusing! Because the area of Rossmoor is part of the County of Orange; they have the Orange County Sheriff’s office who patrols and services the neighborhood. While the City of Los Alamitos services the surrounding areas that fall within its jurisdiction and the city of Seal Beach. Services its areas that fall within the jurisdiction of seal beach. Let me give you an example…I was rollerblading one day (yes I am old) and I found a wallet in the gutter of Montecito Road. I called the Seal Beach Police Department and explained my finding. The lovely lady asked me exactly where I found the wallet. Was it in the street or on the curb. I stopped and thought about this: I knew where she was headed so I said on the curb of course, which is part of the City of Seal Beach. She gladly took my call and an officer came to pick up the wallet. Now, had I said, I found the wallet in the street (which I did) the lovely lady would have directed me to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as the street belongs to the County of Orange located in the area known as Rossmoor. Holy Cannoli….yup…it’s this interesting!
So, let me recap: The citizens of Rossmoor buy their undies at the same Target or Kohl’s (if there is a coupon) as everyone else does, which are located at The Shops of Rossmoor, which are located in the City of Seal Beach, directly adjacent to Rossmoor. The citizens’ children who attend the local public schools attend the Los Alamitos Unified School District and if its citizens need police assistance they call the County of Orange Sheriff’s Department, unless they are on the sidewalk of Montecito which falls within the City of Seal Beach Police Department’s jurisdiction. Got it?! Confused?! Not to worry! Despite it all, everyone gets along and the three communities are awesome, amazing and simply our little “Mayberry” here in crazy Southern California. All three communities share local sports organizations along with Girl/Boy Scout organizations. All three participate along with other communities in the Seal Beach Christmas Parade, the Seal Beach Car Show and the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base activities such as the Wheels, Wings and Rotors Show, the 4th of July Firework Spectacular, and so forth.  Rossmoor truly is a magical place to live and to grow up in. Really, all three communities are. They are all family based communities built around the central belief that a sense of community is important.
So, what is Rossmoor? Rossmoor is a community, and a neighborhood full of wonderful people. Now Rossmoor is part of its surrounding communities of Seal Beach & Los Alamitos. Rossmoor is a place to live and grow and feel like those around you care, because they actually do. Just attend one of the many community events we post on our facebook page and see for yourself. Rossmoor – Stuck Between a Seal and an Orange Place
Rossmoor – Stuck Between a Seal and an Orange Place
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