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Retirement and Weather

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Want to shovel snow off your porch when you are 80 years old?

Want to get heat stroke taking out the trash at 80 years old?


No Way! Thus taking into consideration weather and location are key to successful living in your

Golden Years!



Research shows that the weather is a key factor in a successful retirement plan. Choosing a location that you will enjoy but that will not be taxing on your body is key to your retirement success. Not everyone can shovel snow into their  90’s nor do many people want to. Thinking ahead, planning and preparing for retirement is as much about money as it is about the location you choose to live in.

When planning ahead for your “Golden Years” take into consideration the following in regards to weather and location…

  • What is the coldest my particular area gets in the winter?
  • What is the hottest my particular area gets in the summer?
  • How will I shovel the snow off of my porch when I walk with a cane or a walker?
  • How will I handle the heat when I can no longer go somewhere to cool off when the weather gets to be too much?
  • What hospitals and medical centers are near me? How will I access them in inclement weather?
  • What social activities are near me? Museums, Music Halls, Places of Worship, etc. How will I access them in inclement weather?
  • Do my hobbies include outdoor activities such as walking, running, gardening, biking, fishing, etc.? How will the inclement weather affect me enjoying those activities?

Too many retirees do not take weather and location into consideration and end up in a situation where they are…

  • Isolated
  • Lonely
  • Not healthy due to medical access being too difficult to obtain
  • Trapped by the weather and thus not able to get outside
  • Depressed due to their living situation


Don’t let this happen to you. Before you retire, take into consideration not only the cost of living, but where you want to live. If shoveling snow at age 80 with your walker or cane does not sound like fun…then move. Move now, while you have options. Move now while you are in control of your situation…not your kids. We can help you with this. In fact…check out one of our favorites right here!



Most people hear of Southern California, especially Orange County and think, “That will never be affordable” or “That will not be in my budget” However, most people do not know about Leisure World, Seal BeachLeisure World is a retirement community of 9,000+ people and it is perfectly situated in the City of Seal Beach approx. 1.5 miles from the ocean.  On a light traffic day you can access downtown Los Angeles in 30 to 40 minutes. Like to travel? You can access LAX, John Wayne and the Long Beach Airport all within 30 minutes or less and fly just about anywhere in the world! Is medical care a concern? The Irvine School of Medicine, UCLA school of Medicine, USC school of medicine and several other notable and prestigious medical centers are nearby. Like outdoor activities such as walking, running, biking, gardening an fishing? Southern California has one of the most temperate climates in the world. In fact according to Sperlings research Seal Beach has an average high temperature in the summer months of 77 degrees and an average low temperature of 48 degrees. Making any of your outdoor activities very do-able all year round.

Leisure World, Seal Beach is AFFORDABLE too! One bedroom homes range from $129,000 to $200,000. Two bedroom homes range from $180,000 to $500,000. The monthly carrying charges include just about all the amenities and utilities  you could desire and it is all near the beach in sunny Southern California.

Due to the weather here in Leisure World, Seal Beach being temperate many retirees thrive! As they do not have to worry about…

  • Inclement weather issues
  • Snow
  • Extreme Heat
  • Being trapped by bad weather

We have cool ocean breezes, sunshine that is not extreme and plenty of outdoor activities for every personality.

When you are ready to research where you want to live in your retirement years call Kelly. Kelly knows Leisure World,  Seal Beach and all it has to offer. Tours are available upon request, simply call

Kelly (562) 522-5173

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