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Chill That Beer In 15-20 Seconds!

OMG! How to Chill Beer, Wine, or Water in Seconds (Literally, Seconds!)

We saw this today on the front page and thought that everyone would enjoy this article, especially with Labor Day weekend starting today!!!!! So for all of you heading to the beach, throwing a party or putting on a last minute shin-dig, go get some compressed air at the office supply store and try this trick out! Please be cautious, please be safe, please follow the instructions and please do not get hurt. We will not be responsible for you getting hurt trying this out 🙂
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We’ve all been there: It’s a hot day. You’re craving something cold and refreshing — and there’s only warm beer, wine, and tap water on hand.

Sure, you can use the excellent chill-it-quick hack of wrapping a wet paper towel around your beverage of choice and popping it in the freezer for 15 minutes, but that’s still 15 whole freaking minutes to wait, dry-mouthed and impatient.

What if you want your beer, wine, or water cold right now?

Like, 20 seconds from now! Is that even possible?!

Thanks to this sneaky trick, it is — and, bizarrely, all you’ll need is a can of compressed air.

The secret is to hold the can upside down while you spray the air on your can of beer or bottle of wine, which makes the air released come out icy cold. (So frigid you’ll see frost appear!) Watch and see this happen before your eyes.

Basically, inverting a can of compressed air gives you the frosty skills of Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Now that’s cool.

Important note: Be sure to wear a pair of gloves to prevent frostbite, asnoted in this Popular Mechanics version of the hack. Also, some compressed air sprays contain a bittering agent, so pour your brew into a clean glass once it’s cool. And finally, some versions of this hack recommend you put your beer in a Tupperware container, seal it with masking tape, and make a tiny hole in the side to spray your compressed air.

The Crazy Russian Hacker’s technique in the video above may be more impressive, but take the safer route and use the Tupperware. It’s still faster than driving to the store.

The thermodynamics of why this happens are complicated. (If you’re interested, click here to read up on the physics of the process.) But for our purposes, it’s enough that it really does work.

So if you find yourself in a pinch, get one of those cans of compressed air from an office supply store and get ready to save the party — or just satisfy your craving for a cold one immediately.

Now, excuse us, we’ve got a beer to chill. Cheers!