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DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas

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*Courtesy of Sources Below* There are plenty of creative ways to build or install cabinets in your garage. The best thing is that you can do it on your own without having to spend too much. Moreover, you can make your garage storage system more space-efficient by installing top-opening lids or sliding doors. This allows […]

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Should I Sell Now?

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*Courtesy of Sources Below* The pandemic has put the world on pause. Should you put your real estate plans on pause, too? This article reaches a sizable online audience, so there’s not just one answer to this question. In direct conversation with you—one-on-one—this question could be answered with specific reference to your location, property, finances, […]

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Chill That Beer In 15-20 Seconds!

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Chill That Beer In 15-20 Seconds! OMG! How to Chill Beer, Wine, or Water in Seconds (Literally, Seconds!) We saw this today on the front page and thought that everyone would enjoy this article, especially with Labor Day weekend starting today!!!!! So for all of you heading to the beach, throwing a party or […]

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