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Millennials Buying Homes: What’s Trending?

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Millennials Buying Homes: What’s Trending? Though there are a number of stereotypes surrounding Millennials, they actually make up a fairly significant part of the economy. More importantly, their economic strength as a group seems to be growing by the day. As of 2019, Millennials make up approximately 37 percent of home buyers… that’s a bigger […]

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Choosing the Right Home

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 Choosing the Right Home Looking for the right home can be a daunting process for first time buyers and seasoned vets alike. From the style of the house to the type of appliances, there are countless factors that can go into such a big purchase. The following short checklist outlines the most important things you […]

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Sun and Sand: 10 Must-Know Tips on Buying the Beach House of Your Dreams

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Found yourself California dreamin’ lately? If so, you’re not alone. Many people long for the freedom and adventure of purchasing their own beachfront house in the Golden State. Buying a beach house comes with endless benefits, from life in paradise to a steady stream of reliable revenue from rentals. But you should carefully consider some of the costs associated with […]

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Chill That Beer In 15-20 Seconds!

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Chill That Beer In 15-20 Seconds! OMG! How to Chill Beer, Wine, or Water in Seconds (Literally, Seconds!) We saw this today on the front page and thought that everyone would enjoy this article, especially with Labor Day weekend starting today!!!!! So for all of you heading to the beach, throwing a party or […]

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