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Laird Real Estate & Associates


“Formerly Pattie, Kelly, Wink & Associates”

Owner, Lead Listing Agent

Kelly, a 2002 graduate of Long Beach State, brings youthful zeal and technological savvy to the team. But don’t be fooled, Kelly’s tenacity on behalf of her clients is legendary and she is a master at streamlining the escrow process. Knowledge of the local market and a good head for business make her a valuable asset to both clients and the team. Kelly runs and operates the property management division of our team and is top in the industry when it comes to multi-family income properties in the local area.

Lead Buyers Agent

Executive Administrator & Co-Integrator

Database Wizard & Co-Integrator

Tiffany is a native to Las Vegas and has a passion to help our clients! She has a degree in Political Science which lead her to a corporate position in leadership development and training. She switched to become a Virtual Assistant after her daughter was born to spend more time with family. This year she started on her MBA and looking forward to learning more about business and organizational psychology. Tiffany is known as a volunteer junkie and has served on several non-profit boards over the years and won the Las Vegas Local Hero award for her service. Having the background in leadership and development we are excited to have her strengths on our team.

Buyers Agent

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