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8 Tips to Make Your Home a Pet Haven

8 Tips to Make Your Home a Pet Haven

If you are among the 85 million families that own a pet, you are probably crazy about your furry friend and want to give it the best. Many people consider their pets as best friends or a part of the family. Therefore, you should consider their needs when putting together furniture and when decorating your house. You will make life easier for your pet and also make your home safer, more durable and easy to use. Here are some excellent ideas.

Tips for the homeowner

1. Invest in pet-friendly furniture

Buying stain-resistant fabric for your upholstery and slip-covered furniture is recommended for pet owners. If you share your chairs or couches with your pets, the chances are that they will mess it up once in a while. There is more to pet hair and dander, such as unwelcome stains and stinky odors. Avoid silk, tweed, and velvet when purchasing pet-friendly furniture because they are vulnerable to scratches and stains. It is also advisable to avoid light-colored furniture.

2. Choose durable floors

Forget the expensive wall-to-wall carpeting. Forget the softwood floors too, even though they are a beauty to behold. Such floors will quickly show the effects of living with pets because they wear out pretty fast. Go for ceramic tiles especially in high traffic parts of the house like the main rooms and entryways. You can have sealed terrazzo and hardwood floors in other low traffic rooms. As for rugs, it is okay to have them as long as you do not purchase the expensive ones. Regardless of how good you are at cleaning the carpets, living with a pet means that they might be degraded.

3. Create a separate sleeping area

Before arriving home with your furry friend, ensure you have put together a separate sleeping area. Dogs and cats love a plump sleeping place, and your bed might be the most viable candidate if you do not provide an alternative. The ideal bed would be filled with cedar chips and have a washable cover. The cedar smells excellent and repels flies.

4. Move vitamins and medications to a safe location

The last thing you are looking forward to is watching your pet waste away because it took your medicine. Most of these pills are fatal to animals. That is why you should build a lockable cupboard for placing vitamins and medications. Apply the same rules to foods that may cause harm to your pets.

5. Use trash cans with lids

Does your beloved pet tend to dig into the trash? Unless you want to step on kitchen waste frequently on the corridors, you should consider buying trash cans with lids. Avoid low-lying trash cans for your bathrooms, kitchen, and pantry. Ensure you go for durable and secure bins.

6. Build a pet area close to an entry

If your dog or cat likes staying in the outdoors, you should deal with the goings and comings. Remember that when they come from outside, they will bring in debris, dirt and other stuff. The pet area next to the door should have a hanging place for putting your leashes and other accessories. Consider half-tiling the walls to catch the stains from the inevitable shake off.

7. Keep breakables out of site

One swipe with their fluffy tail and your collection of decorative glass items will be in pieces. Protect both your pet and your valuables by placing them at a high place that your furry friend cannot reach. If you have a cat, you may have to put them in a room that the pet doesn’t access because cats are notorious for climbing high places.

8. Install screens on your windows

If you are planning on opening your windows for fresh air during summertime, consider installing window screens. In the past, pets have fallen victims to high-rise syndrome where they jump from a high-rise building. If this happens, the pet will be hurt.