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5 Insanely helpful tips for helping your parents downsize to a smaller home

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5 Insanely Helpful Tips To Help Your Parents Downsize

When the decision is made and your parents decide to “downsize” from the family house to a smaller house, Perhaps something more manageable, it can be good and bad news. Good news they are moving…bad news…they have a ton of stuff! So we have put together 5 insanely helpful tips that we think will help you when it comes time to your parents downsizing to a smaller space. These tips just might help you save your sanity!

We hope…


Word to the wise…
Do read the 5 Insanely helpful tips below…so your parent’s stuff…does not end up at your house! Downsizing your parents does not mean your house becomes a storage facility.

Here are the 


insanely helpful tips for you to follow… 


Go through each room with ONE thing in mind, get rid of the trash. Do not discuss what you might store, what might go to which sibling, what might be sold…simply start with what is absolutely without a doubt, trash.
Look in the linen closet, the pantry, the back of the broom closet.

If you need help getting rid of the trash, check out our referral page here.


Obtain a floor plan for their new digs. Discuss the layout that will best suit them. Then look around the old house to see what items will work well in the new space. Decide which pieces of furniture are absolutely going and where they will go.

The visualization and use of a floor plan can sometimes help to resolve any issues without you having to say a thing. **This is where you bite your tongue**

We really like the app Floorplan Creator which you can find on Google Play


Okay, the garbage is gone, we know what will fit and work with the new space. Now we have to make a decision…what to do with the good stuff…that is not going…

Ask your parents to think about who might appreciate the pieces. Who may have noted that they would one day love to have x,y,z piece, and gift it to them? Hopefully, the piece will be gifted with generosity and accepted with love.

However, discuss and be open with your parents about things you do not want. Such as your parent’s collection of Tupperware containers. Set up a way to tell your parents “thank you, but no thank you.”

 Being honest and upfront helps to avoid hurt feelings.

Some of our favorite apps and sites to use for mailing/packaging such items are…apps on Google Play such as…  USPS  FedEx     ship.com

#4. Help your parents downsize by selling the decent stuff that is still left!
Host a garage sale or donate to a local charity anything your parents do not want, but is in good condition. Remind them how great it feels to be giving or selling the item to a good home OR how awesome it is earning all of that cash!

Who knows, maybe dad will be able to go buy that flat screen t.v. he wanted!

Selling has never been easier thanks to apps found on Google Play such as Thred Up and Mercari

#5. Show them how to enjoy the new space!

Throw a party!

Host a “New neighbor open house”

Set up some perfectly staged photos that are both Pinterest and Instagram worthy!

When people have something they are looking forward too, it makes it easier to leave the old behind. Share with your parents how much you like the new digs. Keep them focused on the positive adventures ahead!

Show your parents how to continue to share photos of their new adventure on Facebook or Instagram or even with just family through Google photos.


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