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2020 Graduation Celebration Parade

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Just wow. The 2020 Graduation Celebration Parade was a smashing success. 550+ vehicles cruised a 4.5-mile parade route through Rossmoor in celebration of the Class of 2020. With the 2,150 participants in the parade and more than 2,000 spectators along the route, this was the longest and most attended parade in the 63 year history of Rossmoor. A truly historic event!

The parade was complete with police escort, the fire department, and a school bus. Supervisor Michelle Steel participated along with the LAUSD administration, Principal Chris Vlasic, and LAUSD Board President Diana Hill. The community was represented by RHA President Ralph Vartabedian, RCSD President Michael Maynard, and RCSD General Manager Joe Mendoza.

It was a great day for our graduates and the entire community. It proves that we are Better Together and when we focus on the positive there is very little that we cannot  get done.
The Parade was pulled together in just over three weeks, including permits form both the City of Seal Beach and the County of Orange. Without their support and understanding just how important this event was to our Grads and the community, we would not have been able to make it happen.
Then there was Los Al High School and LAUSD administration. Incredible support with the event and getting the word out to the students and their families.
The Shops at Rossmoor were a huge support in letting us use their parking lot to stage the parade. Property manager Janice Scott was tremendous in helping us get the right approvals from the out-of-state ownership and her team helped before during and after the event.
And of course our sponsors were key in covering the costs and in supporting us to get the word out to all of our students and their families. Please see the sponsors below and if you have a chance to say Thank You by visiting their establishment or just acknowledging them when you see them, please do so.
The day of support from Seal Beach Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Fire Authority, the California Highway Patrol, and the Rossmoor Community Services District was amazing and very much appreciated.
We had more than two dozen volunteers to help us direct and park more than 500 cars,pass out programs, collect late registration forms, and take photos and videos (see our Parade page for many of those).
Most of all we want to thank the graduates and their families for showing up, being patient while we got the vehicles parked, having a great attitude all day and keeping things safe.
It was truly a community event to celebrate our 2020 Graduates – the kids that were born on or around 9/11/2001 and graduate during the largest pandemic in the past 100 years. These graduates are resilient and smart. We can’t wait to see what they do next.
Congratulations and much success to each of you. You have a bright future ahead!
The RHA Events Team
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